Matthew's ancient recordings

Back in the ancient days in Stillwater, Oklahoma I turned my music performance endeavours from classical music to other forms.

I am currently in the process of copying old cassette tape recordings from this time to electronic form so there will be more links added to this page in the future.


The first step was to join some friends of mine in a newly formed rock band that we christened "Skylar Nimbus". I had a Wurlitzer electronic piano with actual mechanical action. The sound needed some getting used to, though. One of the guitar players, Dave Worthington, had an electronic organ that I also used at times.

The other members of the group: Dave Worthington (vocals, guitars, trumpet, electronic organ, electronic piano), Dave Fisher (vocals, guitars), John Brun (electric bass).


The second step in my odyssey away from serious music was to form a jazz combo with John Brun, a trumpet player who had been playing electronic bass in Skylar Nimbus. We were joined by Jim Dodrill on saxes and flute and Mark Miller on reluctant bass. We looked around quite a while for a drummer and finally found Greg Rusco. For the longest time we didn't have a name. At one point we started to call ourselves Blue Berlin. And then later I think it was we called ourselves "SJW". The first two letters stood for "Stillwater Jazz" but I can't for the life of me remember what the "W" stood for.

Here are some recordings from that era:

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