Gerhardt Ernst Oscar Wyneken & Anne Jean MacKenzie - Media
Gerhardt Ernst Oscar Wyneken & Anne Jean MacKenzie - Media
Henry C family 1884
Henry C. and Conradine Wyneken family

Taken in 1884 based on the fact that Conradine, the baby in the picture, was born in Jun 1883.

At table, l. to r.: mother, Vita, Henry
Children: Gustav, Frederick, Conradine, Theodore, Gerhardt

Obtained from: Facebook (Maggie McBrayer Willis)
When: 3 Jan 2018
Henry C. and family
The Henry C. Wyneken family

Standing (l. to r.): Theodore, Frederick, Louise, John Kossmann
Sitting: Gustav, Conradine (mother), Lydia, Henry C. (father), Conradine, Gerhard
On floor: Henry Otto

Estimated date 1896-97. Lydia was born in 1894 and seems to be about 2 years old in the picture. Conradine was born in 1886 and could very well be about 10 years old in the picture. Louise and John Kossmann were married in 1895.

Received from Norma Wacker, 17 Sep 1998. She received it from either Otis or Chester Wyneken.
Conr. Schilling Wyneken's 90th
7 Jan 1938 on Conradine Wyneken née Schilling’s 90th birthday.
Standing (l. to r.): Theodore Wyneken, Conradine Steger née W., Fred W., Lydia Gau née W.
Sitting (l. to r.): Gerhardt W., Conradine W. née Schilling, Henry Otto W., Louise Kossmann née W.
Picture obtained from Wyneken Fimmen. Probably from or as a result of Luise Wyneken’s hitch-hiking trip through the US.
Henry C. Wynekens inside 3
Left to right standing: Henry Kossman, Otis Wyneken, Olivia Kossman, Chester Wyneken. 
Left to right sitting: Unknown, Fred Wyneken, Conradine Schilling Wyneken, Vita Kossman, Jerry Wyneken

Obtained from: Lucia McBrayer
When: 23 Feb 2009

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