David Heinrich Wyneken - Media
David Heinrich Wyneken - Media
St. Cosmae crypts
Floor plan of the church St. Cosmae in Stade around 1787 showing the sites of the crypts inside the church. The diagram was made before all the graves were moved to a new graveyard outside of town. There is a list which details who bought each of the sites. This list states that David Heinrich Wyneken purchased lots 3 and 9 (the right and left corners in front of the altar) for himself and his heirs in 1724.

Obtained from: St. Cosmae church office
When: Jul 1998
St. Cosmae, Stade
St. Cosmae et Damianii church in Stade
David Heinrich signature
David Heinrich Wyneken’s signature
on “Schwedische Landmilizrolle” ca. July 1710,
a list of men old enough for military service in Lehe,
where David Heinrich was a magistrate.

Obtained from: Niedersächsisches Staatsarchiv (cf. Ref. 420)
Rep. 5a
Fach 221
Nr. 26 I
Pg. 36 (front)
When: Jul 1998

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