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Wilhelmina - Media
Hargens 50th anniversary
John Henry and Wilhelmina Hargens 50th Wedding Anniversary Photo (June 28, 1920)

Pictured from left to right: Ruth Hargens (seated), Mabel Ainsworth (seated), Ambrose Mahoney (standing), Agnes Spreckels (seated), Edna Hargens Mahoney (standing), Marie Spreckels, Helen Hargens, Dorothee Spreckels (in front), Wilhelmina (Minna) Hargens, Frances Hargens, George Buehler Hargens (in front), John Henry Hargens, Emil Hargens (behind John), Emma Spreckels, George Otto Hargens (behind), Bertha Buehler Hargens, Ann Spreckels (seated), Elsie Wilhelm, Walter Wilhelm, Henry Peter Spreckels (the photographer)

Obtained from: Ruth Concell (from Don Wilson, grandson of Emma Hargens Spreckels, son of Marie Spreckels)
When: 24 Jul 2000
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