Clara Helen Biltz - Media
Clara Helen Biltz - Media
Martin L. I & Clara Wyneken (wedding?)
Clara Wyneken, far right
Margaret Daib Wyneken, Eslinda Klein Wyneken, Frank Buehler, Emma Wyneken, ML Wyneken I, Clara Biltz Wyneken

Ed and Laura Wyneken think the picture was taken in the 30’s. Definitely before their wedding, which was in 1931.
Clara Biltz & unidentified
Clara Biltz and unidentified man

Hardcopy in Matthew Wyneken’s possession, made from negative borrowed Jan 1999 from Laura Wyneken. Clara Biltz positively identified by Laura Wyneken in April 1999.
Clara Biltz & Christel Bergt
Clara Biltz standing and Christel Bergt seated, 1870


(on copy one of the picture:)
Clara Biltz (Oma)
Christel Bergt
("Oma" is written in a different hand, perhaps Laura Wyneken. The rest looks like it might be Clara Wyneken's handwriting.)

(on second copy of picture:)
Mama & Christen Bergt
taken 1870
(The name does not look like "Christel" but more like "Christen")
(different handwriting, perhap Laura Wyneken:)
Daddy's Grandmother (Oma)

Both copies from studio Hammer in St. Louis, MO

Obtained from: Laura Wyneken
when: Dec 1998
F.J. Biltz & family?
The man at the right seems to be F.J. Biltz - cf. other picture of him. Presumably this is him and part of his family in front of his house (perhaps in Concordia, Missouri). The dark haired woman in the middle might be his daughter, Clara. The other adult woman might be one of his adopted daughters, Bertha or Mollie. The two children might be two of his youngest children.

Perhaps the picture was taken after the death of Biltz' wife in 1891 since she does not appear in it..

Obtained from: Laura Wyneken
when: Dec 1998
F.J. Biltz & family? (cr2)
Closeup of “F.J. Biltz & family?”.
Th. Brohm's house St. Louis
House of Theodor Brohm in St. Louis, the church in the background is presumably Holy Cross, where he was pastor
Th. Brohm is the man standing next to the gate (can hardly be made out but he seems to look like other pictures of Th. Brohm) next to an unidentified man. Clara Biltz and a sister of hers are in the window.

Inscription (Clara Wyneken's handwriting):
Home of Grandpa Brohm
St. Louis, Mo
Clara Biltz & sister in window

Obtained from: Laura Wyneken
when: Dec 1998
Th. Brohm's house St. L. (cr2)
Closeup of “Th. Brohm’s house St. Louis”
Clara Biltz and a sister are supposed to be visible in the window but they are completely out of focus.
Biltz family
The Biltz family, 12 March 1898
(Photocopy of a printed copy)

l. to r.: Bertha E. (Walther) Biltz, Julius Biltz, Rev. F.J. Biltz, Maria Sophie "Mollie" Biltz, Clara (Wyneken) Biltz, Adolph Biltz

Taken from Ref. 512

Obtained from: Dennis Kastens
When: Mar 2001
F.J. Biltz and young Clara
F.J. Biltz and young Clara

Obtained from: Nancy Abbott via Facebook
When: Nov 2012

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